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Our initiative seeks to prevent the extinction of the population of Profundulus oaxacae that was found in the Valley of Etla in June 2014, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, 15 linear kilometers of the population type, which is now extinct.

Therefore, we carry out conservation actions "ex situ" type initially, and hoping soon to begin work on the habitat.

Besides our anticipated actions for the benefit of the other two known populations, as well as possibly new species: Profundulus sp.1, which the Master of Science Victor Ortiz found a new population in a locality where there was no record of Profundulus.


The rescue effort is led by an independent researcher: Master of Science in Conservation and Use of Natural Resources, Victor Manuel Ortiz Cruz, with support from two through biologists who are conducting their professional thesis (Miguel and Mayra); a student at social service also of the degree in Biology (Elizabeth) and a student of the same degree as a volunteer (Lorena); belonging to the School of Science at the Universidad Autónoma "Benito Juarez" de Oaxaca.

We have the support of local, national and international researchers, as well as sectors of civil society, aquarium enthusiasts, conservationists and local authorities to undertake the necessary studies on the biology of the species that can generate actions increase the population of real "Oaxaca killifish" generate its revaluation and rescue.

Our objectives

  • Generate research on the basic biology of the species.
  • Increase the population of real Oaxaca Killifish through its reproduction under controlled conditions (ex situ strategy), then reintroduce and melt in your habitat.
  • Develop strategies for habitat conservation (in situ).