Rescue effort!

As part of efforts to protect and conserve the stock discovery of the Oaxaca Killifish, the Master of Science Victor Ortiz requested support for Delegate Council of Health and Ecology of the municipality of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec and the Community Association "El Gran Encino" to form a team for the benefit of Profundulus oaxacae.Recreating the habitat of the fish it was made by a biotope aquarium, which keeps some specimens for indirect evidence of their basic biology, reproduce in captivity, show the discovery to citizenship and promote community environmental awareness, to thereby achieve the revaluation of the species by the community as a Natural Heritage of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec and achieve their protection and conservation.

To install the aquarium biotope, it benefited from the support of Ing. Eleonore Schmitd Netherlands, who donated the necessary bowl to make it a reality. Eleonore is a promoter of Mexican fish fauna.


With the support of aquarists, foreign conservationists and others, we have been able to acquire the material to keep specimens Profundulus oaxacae for study and increase its population, currently have a structure PTR containing 16 tanks of 30 liters, where we breeding pairs of Oaxaca Killifish also have another structure with one tank of 120 liters divided into three equal parts and two 50-liter tanks where live specimens of the undescribed species Profundulus sp.1, also a tank of 150 liters where we maintain specimens of native fish, most widely distributed: Poeciliopsis gracilis, P, fasciata, Poecilia sphenops, Heterandria bimaculata and Astyanax fasciatus.

We recently received a donation of four tanks of 650 liters plastic, that will serve to increase the population of P. oaxacae, so that in the near future we can release specimens in habitat.