January 2. Friends and  followers , on behalf of the Initiative Rescuing Profundulus oaxacae, I would send our best wishes for this year just started, waiting enjoy excellent health so that they can meet their goals or put in place to achieve them, I send with affection and respect a hug !; useful to comment that as of January 14, if nothing else happens, we will be taking exposure Killi Oaxaqueño the Palace Museum Government of Oaxaca (Mupal), in conjunction with the local authority and youth that make up the initiative, and we will confirm them timely. A big hello to his friend, the biologist Victor and equipment.

January 5. Today we have the pleasant visit of our great friend Eleonore Schmidt, one of the drivers of our initiative, who brought Canada and won 2 precision scales that will be of much help for weighing the specimens remain in reproductive trials and diets. We are infinitely grateful for the support they have given us our various benefactors. We will continue working for the preservation of our species.

January 6 . Friends, they share our joy, as in the December bulletin year just ended, and in the latest edition of Bolletino Dell'Associazione Italiana Killifish, a short article about the discovery of the population of Oaxaca is published Killi which we are working to preserve them, they share some catches; to acquire the newsletter should contact the Associazione Italiana KillifishAIK. Also we just contact the editor of the Journal of the British Killifish Association to replicate in the publication. Yours sincerely.

January 14. Friends, we cordially invite you to the opening of the temporary exhibition on "The Oaxacan Killi", which will be exhibited in the Palace Museum of Oaxaca. The date is Thursday 21 at 18:00, where they can meet in their respective Profundulus oaxacae biotope aquarium, waiting for you!

January 15. We are pleased to invite you to the Diploma in Aquaculture in inland waters, which will be held at the Autonomous University of Puebla, which begins on February 19, and we are even more pleased because one of the modules will be taught by our responsible (rescue of native species for aquaculture promotion).

January 18. Today we have started with the assembly of the biotope of our Killi Oaxacan, which will be exhibited from Thursday in the Palace Museum of Oaxaca, in the area of biodiversity of Oaxaca.

January 19. Some pictures of the interview and talk that gave our responsible Elementary School October 12 in our capital, continuing environmental education that furthers our initiative.

January 21. We share pictures of what lived during the opening of the temporary exhibition on the Oaxacan Killi in the Palace Museum of Oaxaca, withdraw the invitation to meet biotope aquarium and exhibition copies, will be for a month.

We share some notes, where the invitation is to visit the exhibition in the Palace Museum:

January 29. Inculcating knowledge about biodiversity of the state of Oaxaca, particularly of species at risk, such as Oaxacan Killi. A photograph of Miguel with elementary school students, and biotope aquarium Profundulus oaxacae in the Palace Museum.

February 3. ForoTV correspondent interview Jesus Santiago López to the Ms. Elizabeth Zárate García; integral part of our rescue Initiative Profundulus Oaxacae (Killi Oaxaqueño). soon not miss the interview.

February 4. We share some pictures of the young Jorge Vasquez Simon School of Science-Lic. Biology UABJO who is collaborating in this effort as part of our volunteer program and then perform their professional practices.

February 20. Today the Successful Pintora Doreli Rios visited the aquarium biotope Oaxacan Killi, which is exhibited in the Palace Museum. We invite you to learn about the magnificent work done Doreli with their initiatives and beautiful artwork!

 February 26 . Today our responsible received an e-mail from Spain, where he requested an interview for a new magazine dedicated to the aquarium, so as soon as realized and exit the publication will be reporting here.

 March 6.  Our responsible attended an interview by a new magazine acuariofilia to be launched in Spain, it is "Biotope Aquarium Magazine" where Victor Master spoke about the importance of spreading to fish species at risk through aquariums biotope and as responsible aquatics supports conservation, as in the case of our initiative. As you step out the edition No. 2 we will be sharing the pages of the interview.