Everything starts on June 1, 2014, when a small reforestation was held in the margin of a stream in the municipality of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, where local authorities participated, a group of citizens and teenagers.


During the event, the Master of Science Victor Manuel Ortiz Cruz, made a quick tour of the stream (until the day unexplored by a specialist environmental area), where the Master Ortiz found a small population of endemic fish Oaxaca Valley: Profundulus oaxacae (Meek, 1902), known in Mexico ictiofauna as "escamudo oaxaqueño" and internationally as the Oaxaca Killifish.

To validate the species, supporting Dr. Emilio Martinez Ramirez of "CIIDIR IPN Unidad Oaxaca" who specializes in fish Oaxacans, who on June 12, 2014 visited the community of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec and analyzed some specimens to be requested analyze its morphological characteristics, which effectively was Profundulus oaxacae.


Then we shared a story that aired on TV in Mexico about the discovery of the population of San Lorenzo Cacaotepec (audio in Spanish):